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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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obama 1 in powerful swing states like virginia, but it was costly in money and mood. >> we may battled fiercely, but only because we love this country so much. >> it was a bitter pill to swallow for a gop that thought it could win the grass roots and game. mitt romney today left his boston hotel without comment choosing to let last night to mark sum up his disappointment. >> i still wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes, but the nation chose another leader. >> the electoral was hired in the popular vote margin. president phoned leaders on the -- on both sides of the aisle talking about how to get past the partisan bickering that has
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made the last congress one of the least effective in decades. @ fiscal cliff we keep talking about means there is no time to rest. we will explain that further at 6:00. we will also talk about breeze then statements being made by republican -- brazen statements being made by republican party elders. >> thank you so much, scott. stock prices have fallen after the election, closing at the worst level of the year. the dow jones ended at 12,932. concerns were cited and energy companies and banks took big losses. >> president obama got a big win, but virginia was the next to the last state to be called.
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that is because the votes were still being counted in two county's. >> in 2004 george w. bush won votes here in loudon county and prince william county,re read state. but the demographics up -- as a red state. but the demographics are changing>> democrats are broadly tired after a night of celebration. >> i think god smiled on us. >> republicans, exhausted after defeat. >> i am very dis little sad. >> rallies to get out the vote -- both ann romney fought hard for virginia, specifically the coveted -- both obama and romney fought hard for virginia, specifically the coveted counties of prince william and allowed an. the democratic shift to both
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counties reflects big demographic shifts. >> people moving from the suburbs, closer in the suburbs you see in increase of minorities over the years there. >> that is what we need to focus on. that is where our strong points are -- jobs, the economy. >> but jose, a tax preparer in prince william county, voted for the president, persuaded in part by the outreach to hispanics. >> i think they are trying to reach us. that is what makes me comfortable. >> republicans in virginia are beginning a debate happening among republicans across the country. how can they expanded the party to better include hispanics and african-americans? they know to improve results they are going to need to take action,.
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lives in leesburg, abc7 news. >> thank you. we have more from the election, including important maryland ballot issues. but first, we have important whether news for today. and nor'easter is already -- importancet weather news for today. and nor'easter is already in motion. it has battered sections of new york and new jersey. they are preparing for the latest round of the weather to head their white. the question is whether the storm -- to head their way. the question is what this storm will bring to the northeast. >> doug, what is the latest tonight? >> snow in many areas. long island, parts of northern new jersey -- it is going to be snow. plus you have the winds and
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the gusty winds and some flooding. that colder air will be making most of this precipitations' no. in our area, we're getting a touch of light rain. as we go through the evening maybe a few flurries, may be a light rain, but again, just on the fringes. here is for the snow was falling across new jersey, parts of connecticut. it is cold in rehoboth beach. 44 in woodbridge. a chilly damp, breezy day. we will have a chance of a few flakes or showers. we will tell you what to expect. this seven-day forecast does have a happy ending. >> we like that. doug, thank you. mayra lenders -- marylanders
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said yes to all three controversial ballot issues, including expanding table gaming. brad? >> it will have a huge financial impact on the state of maryland, and there are a lot of questions to be answered. what happens next primarily. a lot is going to happen and soon. at the maryland live casino almost everyone seems happy about the passage of questions 7, -- question 7. >> we love it. love the action. it is better than playing against a machine. >> it will allow them to move to and newly-permitted 247 operation -- 24-7 operation.
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they will even create a school to train new dealers. >> that includes 1200 additional jobs right here at maryland live. >> that also means a casino in downtown baltimore will break ground with the planned opening in mid-2014. after that a prince george's casino will be allowed to open no earlier than july 1st 2016. -- july 1, 2016. veep politicians say the voters got right. >> this could bring in additional -- $40 million of additional revenue to prince george's county. that is a good thing for all of us. >> they say bring it on the back at maryland alive. >> it will generate more tax revenue, more jobs, etc., and i think it will improve tourism as well. >> it is widely expected that the prince george's county casino will be built here at national harbour and it will be
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operated by mgm but they are going to have to submit a proposal to be approved by the state gaming commission. and get this -- penn national who spent all that money against question 7, they will submit a proposal. the battle for casinos is not yet over after all this. >> all right. here we go again. thank you. you may not be able to tell from the long lines you saw yesterday, but it appears voter turnout is actually down from 2008. 100,000 voters fewer. early figures are showing 14 million fewer people voted nationwide this year. in some states, the turnout may be lower than at 2004. >> you may have noticed
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something different when you turned on your tv today. no election ads. and even the most dedicated republicans and democrats say they are not really start to see them go. and natasha has more on how they are feeling on the day after. >> one thing we can agree on in the washington area is those campaign ads. someone came up to me and said they were just so happy it was over. >> gm calls romney's ad "politics at its cynical worst." >> during every break, there they were, the finger-pointing the negativity, over and over again. >> obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. >> there are six dozen campaign ads. i am so glad. >> it was not just the noise heard on tv and radio. >> we are glad we will not get our mailbox stuffed with
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political campaign mail. >> one place voters sounded off was online. social media sites like twitter and facebook. >> i am just really, really glad it is over. >> online you could still learn what your friends bought about candidates, and at times it could get ugly. >> it makes you mad. you do not want to be mad at your friend for their political via. >> some $6 billion is estimated to have been spent on just election ads. >> you know, the campaign is over. >> speaking of these campaign ads, how much did each campaign spend to get your vote? one washington crew got the calculators out and did the math for us. our records $710 million spent in swing states like virginia. that means as much as $45 was spent on your vote.
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abc7 news. >> oh, my goodness. >> we paid for that. >> coming up -- the fairfax groper strikes again. >> and while the power in congress remains the same today, there is one historical change. >> and it is already a time to look
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>> fairfax county police are investigating another assault where a woman was groped by a stranger. the latest attack was last thursday. it was just a few blocks from up bus stop where woman was attacked earlier that day. police have tied the same suspect to at least eight other attacks in fairfax county. a similar attack was reported in falls church. police have a sketch of the attacker but no suspect. and the trial for it alexis' simpson, charged with first- degree murder. she claims that the killing was
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in self-defense. >> the man who shot gabrielle giffords learns his day tomorrow. he pleaded guilty in august to 19 criminal charges including attempted murder and assassination of a member of congress. she is among the survivors expected to testify in the sentencing hearing. >> water gushing through the streets of downtown baltimore. a 60-inch water main break closed several blocks -- look at that -- between charles and 20th street. crews are working out of control to ensure the gas lines are stable as well. and anne arundel firefighter has battled -- and are run told firefighters have battled a blaze. the flames were visible in the three-story building.
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people were evacuated, but there are no injuries. because of the fire is under investigation. >> preparations under way in new jersey as a nor'easter moves along the east coast. some residents are struggling to recover from hurricane sandy and are worried about the second weather event in two weeks. >> we're already seeing quite a bit of snow in parts of that area. it is just the last thing that you want. >> the storm is strong, but not nearly as strong as sandy. there will be flooding beach erosion. there will be very cold air. we are just on the fringes of a. we are very fortunate, once again. this is the time lapse. let's set that in motion during the day. you just see a minor increase
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in the surf their. it was noticeable the further you went along the mid-atlantic coast line. live doppler radar shows a little rain. rain here and there. rain on the fringes. we have cold air here. upper 30's, low 40's. freezing in spots. what is going to happen -- there may be a patch of rain, maybe a few snowflakes. temperatures should remain above freezing. it will be a nuisance more than anything else, but i will take the nuisance over what is happening a couple hours north of here. just at chilly, rob the. and macdill and rocco -- 40 degrees -- annandale and rockville, 40 degrees.
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average temperatures by morning, about 43 degrees. all little blustery. i think by sunrise tomorrow, any precipitation, that will end. again, the difference with this storm is the winds in the system. it seems to be how it is related to the north. temperatures -- 38 in syracuse, 32 at the korea -- -- at laguardia -- it is cutting back. it is the east and nw winds moving the water onshore before. that is a little bit of a help. meanwhile, chillier here as well. here is the radar. you can see the circulation color-and enhance to show the area's -- color-enhanced to show the areas that have snow. it will be here over the next couple of days and be out of
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your. you can see the spending. by tomorrow morning, as intense as it is, it is making more wind and surf. over the day, it will head out. the difference between that high-pressure and that's low pressure, the graying of force -- then a nice warmup will begin. you will have sunshine for friday saturday, and sunday, but also noticeably warmer temperatures. it could be clearing in the morning. the next seven-day shows the sunshine returning. lower 60s's on saturday, mid- 60's on sunday and monday. the next system probably comes through tuesday. right now we will give that 30 percent chance for a few showers. >> the rain -- the weekend looks good. i am thinking of people in new
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york who may not have our. >> it is really tough. >> yes. >> coming up -- >> it was so frustrating and overwhelming, i did not know what to do. >> she lost everything in a fire except per looming cable bill. >> now that the election is
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>> for the first time, voters in two states approved same-sex marriage at the polls. >> maryland and maine are not the first to say yes to gay marriage but they are the first to have the people vote yes. >> what it means is the people of maryland handed them the right to actually began planning the rest of their lives. 20-year-old artist and 30-year- old programmer always planned to get married. now they can legally in maryland. >> i want to cry. >> they asked family and friends to voice opinions on question 6. >> we have people that love us but we were not sure how they felt about us getting married.
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>> i was on edge. we were both on edge. we were glued to dtv. >> extremely nerve wracking to watch. >> the couple grew up in prince george's county and faced discrimination. they almost did not believe it. >> i think it took almost an hour for it to sink in. >> is this really happening? >> about 52% of maryland voted in favor. it was history. it was a narrow margin. leaving the couple aware of challenges that still lie ahead. >> i think we as a couple, we have been able to impact individuals. >> and do not ask them about a wedding date. no. >> it is kind of a secret. >> tony perkins, the head of
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the conservative family research council released this statement calling this a demoralizing zone where "-- a demoralizing loss where "natural marriage lost for the first time in the popular votes." he says that the left can make it legal but they cannot make it morally right. back to you. >> ok, thank you very much. the election is over. time to look ahead to january and the inauguration. >> i'm sure you recall four years ago enormous crowds came to celebrate the country's first african-american president. now d.c. is preparing for another rush of out of towners. >> sam has more on what is being planned for tonight. >> indeed, plans to bring him back to d.c. for another inauguration although much of the serious planning cannot get
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underway until the tourism industry knew who won the election. at the capitol today, workers are building the inauguration platform and stayed were once again barack obama will be sworn in as president as he was four years ago with some 4.1 million people packed into the national mall to witness the moment. are they getting ready? >> i have friends calling dibs on the beds in my house. they are coming. >> the same for hotels. >> the phone has been ringing off the hook. we will definitely be sold out for those days. that is why there is a four- night minimum stay. >> they even have a presidential suite package for $70,000. >> are you going to need obama? >> you are not going to meet obama. >> these city tourism board
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already put links on its website >> they will find links they can take advantage of. >> will the inauguration be as big at this time as last? most people think not. >> the first is always more exciting and up be than the second. >> because january 20 is the day the constitution says the president has to be sworn in and that falls on a sunday president obama will be sworn in privately on noon that day. the public ceremony will take place the following day, january 21, which also happens to be martin luther king day. the tourism board will be working with that theme in mind. abc7 news. >> ok. thank you so much. still to come -- how much money
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some big names are donating to the recovery from hurricane sandy. >> will things stay the same? the battles that lie ahead. >> i am looking forward to work across the aisle. >> but we will hear what
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 on your side. >> the house will remain in republican power while the senate stays with the democrats. >> walt the control has not changed, but there will be new faces on capitol hill. one of those bases will be tim kaine. we caught up with the senator- elect to find out how he is feeling after his win. >> the thrill of victory last night, turned to the reality of a tough road ahead. senator-elect tim kaine saying
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he will work to build bridges. >> if we listen to the voices of the electorate, they are telling us over and over and over again they want us to work together. >> to be part of the solution team to get our fiscal house in order, i think there is a huge opportunity that has to be seen between now and the end of the year. >> kaine not only one traditional democrat strong mold, but also traditionally republican counties like loudon and prince william county. >> is a great day to be in virginia. >> i am so excited i cannot stand @. >> his immediate priorities are avoiding the looming fiscal cliff, restoring economic growth, and getting a barely partisan congress working together again. >> you should not let anything
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stop you. >> he says that this proves that virginia is no longer are read state and it is a key battleground -- a red state and it is a key battleground for the nation's future. >> democrats are keeping control of the u.s. senate. president obama benefited from an 11-point gender gap with women. women have made significant gains, and that includes an all-women congressional delegation from new hampshire for the first time ever. >> we see a new crop of women who are more and more from the extremes of their parties than the women they are replacing. >> also retired republican moderate olympia snowe of maine. the senate has been in the hands of the democrat since 2006.
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>> we have more on what is changing and sustain the same in congress with our political -- and staying the same in congress with our political expert. what is your take on what happens in washington? >> i think that is a good question. on one hand, you have some who are coming in like elizabeth warren, someone who is considered to be a die-hard liberal taking the seat of our republican moderate. on the other hand, you have someone like claire mccaskill who is more of a traditional moderate. she had a serious challenge from republican candidate who completely went off the rails at one point. i remember some comments. but they are not all necessarily super liberal or more moderate. it will be interesting to see if this will be an interesting swing or not. it is hard to said. >> here we are the day after
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and we are taking a look at everything that has happened, and basically we have the same make up in congress. everyone is wondering, is anything going to get done? what are you hearing about this today? >> right. that is its. will the gridlock shift? the reason a lot of people think that something will happen is if nothing gets done, there are automatic cuts that both republicans and democrats do not like. they have this mechanism in place at the end of the year were cuts will take -- will go into effect, a blunt cut. something has to happen. it is written into the law so they are forced to act on the fiscal cliff. at the same time, they have the same dynamic to work with. now with the threat of an axe over their head, maybe it will change. >> ok, we will be watching.
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>> nice to see you. >> we will have to see what happens the next few months, huh? >> voters in colorado voted to legalize marijuana. it will establish standards for the drug that includes how much you can own or grow and blood test for legal limits. marijuana is illegal under federal law. the justice department has not said hal it will respond to this development. >> we spoke to the new d.c. council member about his rare victory. >> i think it is an opportunity for the people to be part of the council and the electoral process. >> he is the first challenger to unseat a sitting council member since 2004. he hammered brown over his
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personal financial problems. >> i'm sorry -- chris anderson has the details for us on this evening. how does it look? >> we are trying to adjust to the earlier sunset. we are seeing delays on the belt way stretch. there are some traffic jams. we see this over the american legion bridge. 270 south passed -- past the hour loop and the beltway. there may be clean up there for a while. and looks like traffic is getting by to the far right on both directions. we have an accident coming in southbound on the freeway and seventh street near the intersection, northwest closed. and back to you. >> good deal. thank you. just ahead -- what will the
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dream that mean for thousands of immigrants? -- dream act me for thousands of immigrants? >> what ha
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>> a 9-year-old virginia girl has found her own way of spreading happiness to other children. rachel started her own organization called let's help kids, and she is tonight's harris's hero. it was a terrible thought -- the thought of children going without birthday presents. >> it just breaks my heart. said that is why we set up this company. >> it is called "let's help kids." most recently, they delivered a halloween costumes to children in local shelters. >> we did everything. even birthday presents. >> i thought it was fabulous. >> rachel took cues from hertz
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mother who owns a marketing -- from her mother who owns a marketing company. >> she named it. i think it is fabulous. >> they work with teachers, pastors, and case workers to find needy children. and so the unhappiness spreads one child's smile at a time. for more on let's help kids just go to and of course, as any suggestions you might have for our next 0. >> all right leon, thank you. coming up, celebrities raising money for victims
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>> 7 is on your side after of you are asked for help. of fire ravaged an apartment building leaving a dozen families with nothing but the clothing on their backs. >> but one of the survivors said the cable company kept billing her long after the fire that forced her out of her own. >> we first met loretta on what
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was truly the worst day of her life. >> [indiscernible] >> just hours earlier, she and her 1-year-old granddaughter were rescued from their top floor apartment as a vicious fire raged around them. >> the fire took everything. and it was not just me. >> if you did not lose your comcast bill as it turned out. >> how about that? >> she is laughing now, but for more than a year she continued to get bills from the cable company for the service to were burned-out apartment and the equipment that was destroyed in the fire. the $1,121 bill went to collections, even though she says that she called comcast the day after.
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so she called comcast -- so she called 7 on your side and we call comcast. it was resolved within hours. >> -- leaving loretta to refocus on the life that the fire rarely -- very nearly took. >> without 7 on your side, i do not think i would have gotten this problem resolved. for that, i am truly grateful. >> always love a happy ending. lady gaga pledged on our website to donate $1 million to new york and the american red cross. barbara walters donated $250,000. and george stephanopoulos made a $50,000 donation. >> phil and clear get a late night phone call that has them
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jumping into their car ride away. [telephone rings] >> hi. yes, this is she. >> what is happening? >> haley has been arrested. >> "modern family" is on the 9:00. you probably should not watch that. that is the college daughter. >> i do not want to see that for good reason. fairly warned. all right. this is what is coming up at 6:00 this evening. >> gordon peterson with a live look now. >> hi, we are still waiting for florida. but the president 1. now that we know who will be president -- but the president won. now that we know who will be president -- more on congress and the issue of sequestration.
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we have much more on the day after the election. i know you can hardly wait. >> we have another week for florida to get its act together. >> that is my home state. take it easy. >> katie couric explores a new topic. >> as she talks to a player to walk away from an nba career to deal with his history of sexual abuse. >> that is tomorrow at 4:00 right here on abc7. >> and in the northeast, they will let you do with the nor'easter. they are already dealing with it aren't they, doug? >> yes. fortunately is not nearly as severe as sandy. looking live now at downtown new york, breezy and julie. 33 downtown right now. there will be more accumulation.
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not a major snowstorm. that is the last thing they need. you can see on the radar -- the white areas indicate the areas of most likely snow. deep purple areas are going to be sleet, back and forth of the mix. we are called. know that. for the first six days of the month of november, below average. this comes after our record warm-setting october. late march early april -- this is the coldest start to a month since december of 2010. the average high is 61. late afternoon temperatures in the 30's and 40's. breezy and cold. light precipitation will and overnight. tomorrow we will see clearing. it will turn sunny and breezy.
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the next seven days will bring a big improvement. sunshine saturday, sunday, monday. temperatures in the low to middle 60's. blu-ray. it will be a nice break. >> to ray is right. good to see you, sam. remiss here. >> -- we missed you. >> i wanted to text you guys. he made need surgery to repair the plate in his bright foot. the redskins hope he can play against the philadelphia eagles. >> you think about like -- is it one more game? if i get a chance to go back out there, i am going to give it
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everything i have and just play. >> by now you know the emotional story of the head coach battling leukemia. today, an update -- support and hope. >> there we go. >> the indianapolis colts are showing support for their head coach. >> he was diagnosed with leukemia. he had to leave the team to undergo chemotherapy. >> i have circumstances. you guys understand give it everything i have and just play. >> by now you know the emotional story of the head coach battling leukemia. today, an update -- support and hope. >> there we go. >> the indianapolis colts are showing support for their head coach. >> he was diagnosed with leukemia. he had to leave the team to undergo chemotherapy. >> i have circumstances. you guys understand it? i understand it. give it everything i>> now, nearly three dozen
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of the colts have shaved their heads in a gesture of unity. he has his own motivations. >> to see my daughters get married, dance at their weddings -- two more wins. >> congratulations. i love all of you. thank you so much. >> 1, 2, 3. >> we are all with you, chuck. he starts a second round of chemo later this week. doctors say he is officially their en permission. we have this coming up later in sports. >> so great to see those guys come together, shave their heads and be there for him. >> they are on all winning streak. >> thank you. >> coming up next>> now, nearly three dozen on abc7 news at 5:00 -- >> the maryland referendum
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>> we already told you about how passing same-sex marriage and gaining in maryland will impact the state, but those are not the only big issues that passed. >> the dream act also passed.
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course is in silver spring to talk about -- horace is in silver spring to talk about who this will impact. >> until now, they did not think they had a clear path to fulfill all their dreams. before it 17-year-old veronica, her life took a huge turn following the passage of the american -- of the maryland dream act. she can now afford to go to college. >> born in el salvador, she was brought here when she was 10 by her parents. she is now eligible for aid to win in state college. those applying have to have attended a maryland high school for three years, gone to community college, and prove their parents have paid in state taxes. they can now turn to the
5:58 pm
university of maryland -- he can now turn to the university of maryland to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. >> finally i will be able to feel equal. i will be able to feel like a marylanders. >> the issue passed on the ballot with 58 percent of the vote. >> they are in my mind americans. they have a lot to contribute to our society. >> they should be able to legally stay in this country. >> there is still only a handful of states nationwide where the dream act is law, but supporters say that will change. >> let's look at this nationally let's look at immigration reform. let's open up what was closed. >> there are 13 other states with dream act laws. abc7 news. >> thank you. our coverage for the day after
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the election continues now with abc7 news at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. the big story -- the campaign is over. now it is time to get back to work. >> that is right. president obama is headed back to the washington area following his reelection in chicago last night. the party is now over and there is plenty to be done. scott is just back from chicago. he arrives with a look at where the president and congress will have to turn their attention. >> little time or frankly appetite for celebrating. in a way this only clarifies everyone's roles and add pressure for the parties to perform. heading back


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